Indoor Air Quality in Chattanooga, TN

The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality in Chattanooga, TN, and Surrounding Areas

Indoor air quality is important because it is the quality of air that is inside and around buildings and structures, which affect the health and comfort of those who in those buildings. Most of us spend a lot of time inside our homes, as well as work inside an office or other enclosed environment.

indoor air quality

It is important to note, that there are several types of indoor air pollutants that affect you and I daily such as biological contaminants like fungi, dust mite allergens, bacteria and cockroach allergen. Some of these contaminants come from poor housekeeping, poor humidity control or are brought in by people, infiltration or ventilation air. Many are allergic to indoor biological pollutants, which often triggers asthma episodes.

Chemical pollutants inside a building can also pollute indoor air. Examples of chemical pollutants are cleaning products, accidental spills of chemicals such as carbon monoxide and wall and floor coverings. Particles such as dirt, dust or other substances that are drawn into a building from the outside can also be simulated by activities that occur inside buildings such as housekeeping practices, operating equipment, printing, construction or remodeling.

The quality of indoor air is important because it can affect how we breathe in and how we breathe out. There are special equipment that can keep the quality of our indoor air pure and healthy such as electronic air cleaners, humidification systems, whole home dehumidifiers and energy recovery ventilators. Such equipment can keep our air clean and free of harmful particles.

To conclude, air quality is important for many reasons besides enabling us to breathe easy. Good air quality also help us to sleep better, get rid of allergens in the air, reduce odors, balance humidity and reduce energy costs. Talk with an indoor air quality expert, today and find out more about air quality!

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