High Efficiency Heat Pumps in Chattanooga, TN

Rising Popularity For High Efficiency Heat Pumps in Chattanooga, TN, and Surrounding Areas

Heat pumps are an energy efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces for areas with moderate cooling and heating needs. High efficiency heat pumps use electricity, like refrigerators, to transfer heat from a space that is cool to one that is warm. The result is that the cool space remains cooler while the warm space gets warmer.

During cold seasons, heat pumps basically move heat into the house from outside making the home warmer. During hot seasons, they move heat from the home into the outdoors where it is warm. Since they move heat instead of generating it, they are more energy efficient. Additionally, they can provide space conditioning at a cheaper cost compared to other cooling and heating appliances.

high efficiency heat pumps

Air Source Heat Pump

This is the most common heat pump type used in many homes. It transfers heat between the home and outside air. These energy efficient heat pumps reduce the amount of electricity used for heating purposes by up to 40 percent. They also dehumidify well, compared to other central air conditioners. The result is reduced energy bills and more comfortable summer months. With new and improved technologies coming out, air-source heat pumps can now be used in regions experiencing really cold temperatures.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

They are also called water-source or ground-source heat pumps. They achieve higher efficiencies because they transfer heat between the home and the ground beneath it or even a water source that is nearby. These heat pumps are more expensive to install but have lower operating costs. This is because they utilize constant ground as well as water temperatures. However, installation of these pumps depends on a number of things including lot size, landscape and sub soil.

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