Furnace Installation & Replacement in Chattanooga, TN

Furnace Installation & Replacement Chattanooga, TN, and Surrounding Areas

When the snow falls across the Smokey’s and the ice starts to sit across the limbs on the trees in the backyard… It is official. Winter is here in Tennessee and no matter how many times you go out into the snow – you simply never get used to how cold it is. You want to get inside and you want to get inside quick. However, when the inside of your home is just as chilly as outside… It can make winter very uncomfortable and more importantly, dangerous. Affordable furnace installation can keep your home safe, comfortable, and happy all winter long, helping you to come in out of the cold.

The Heat You Need With the Character You Deserve

You can get your heat anywhere. We understand that. We know that there is nothing new under the sun… but what you cannot get everywhere is service with a smile. We truly love what we do and we love that we can help families like you to get the affordable care that they need. We consider our customers friends and we treat you as such. We will always arrive ready to work and happy to do it. That is our promise to you. Whether you need a little maintenance on an existing heating unit or a new furnace installation, we are the crew that cares and we will do everything we can to ensure your happiness with our work. If we can do anything to help you, we hope that you will contact us online or give us a call. We are always here to help and we enjoy every moment of helping. Be sure to check out our webpage where you will find our current promos that will help you save even more money on our already low prices.


Furnace Replacement

furnace installationThere is no exception. All machines will reach a point where they will have to be replaced. The trick is in recognizing when this is and acting decisively when the time comes. Dragging your heels on this matter will only result in bigger headaches for you and your family. Take your heating system, for example. Furnace replacement will not be required for a long while after initial installation thanks to the reliability of their design. But do ask yourself these questions to make sure you act when needed:

Current Furnace Age

Look at the warranty of your system. There’s a good chance that it is covered for at least a decade. You can be quite confident that it will last this long and still perform smoothly. However, things can already get pretty dicey around the 15 year mark. If your furnace gets to this age intact, then it deserves applause. It might also deserve much needed rest. Allow it to retire gracefully.

Loss of Heating System Efficiency

Another tell-tale sign of decline is loss of efficiency. The machine will have a more difficult time burning fuel and converting this to heat. It will require more fuel to provide the same heating capacity as it did before. This can result in an upward trajectory for fuel expenses. It can reach a point where the cost of heating is already too high. Replacement with a new and better system will cut the costs. The savings can be thought of as providing enough ROI.

Heating Unit Breaking Down

Nothing is more alarming than frequent breakdowns. If it’s cold outside, you want to huddle inside with your family where everyone can be warm. System failure will make everyone uncomfortable and fixing the problem can take hundreds and not thousands of dollars. Go for a furnace replacement from Stan’s Air Systems for peace of mind.

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